about your architects and interior designers

who we are

tenet design partners is a design firm practicing contemporary architecture, urbanism, and environmental design. Based in Austin Texas, the firm is recognized for expertise in providing unique, high-quality design for a diverse client group.  The office operates as an open studio, and consists of a staff of architects, interior designers, creators, and innovators.  We work closely in collaboration with our clients to create timeless buildings and engaging design by utilizing advancing technology. Our goal is to analyze, design and deliver site-specific buildings and develop best use solutions for each project.


each project and client is unique no cookie cutter solutions


We engage the design process with no preconceived design solutions or aesthetic agenda.  Our iterative process frames key issues, invites open discussion, and builds a broad sense of ownership.  Integrating the ideas and expertise of client representatives, consultants, and builders expands the opportunity for creative thinking and innovative problem solving.  We explore the context, constraints, and factors that define each project to identify project goals and opportunities for innovation.  Project goals are supported by comprehensive research, continuous analysis and feedback, and relevant metrics. 

We take pride in our ability to listen, ask thoughtful questions, and conduct an open design process based on inclusiveness, reasoned debate, and mutual respect. We approach each project with no preconceived solution, but with a desire to listen, observe, and inquire.  Key decisions are evaluated by the project team and consensus reached, representing not a compromise but a shared commitment to meaningful solutions. 


we are very lucky to be a part of the communities we help design 


Our collaboration extends beyond the projects and clients that drive and inspire us.  We take opportunities within and beyond the office to engage in activities that allow us to better know each other, our world, and our role in it. We're serious about what we do, and we have a great time doing it.